I was born in 1974, a year strongly influenced by bands like Kiss, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Queen, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, which, at that time, were touring worldwide.

Music has always been my inspiration, the energy that has always kept me going. Unlike most of my peers, rather than learning to play some musical instrument, at the age of 14 - by some strange coincidence – I found myself holding a camera. A few years passed by before I had the opportunity to combine both passions but, thanks to a friend who gave me the chance to make a start, today I publish my photos on one of the world's most prestigious magazines, Rolling Stone Magazine. I also occasionally collaborate  with other national and international magazines. I have worked and still work directly for a few bands, doing photo shoots aimed at the realisation of the albums’ booklets or even documenting entire tours around Europe – being onstage with the bands at the biggest music festivals.

Besides being a  music photographer I am also a pro wildlife photographer, organizing trips to Northern Europe to document the animal life in the last extreme environments not yet completely contaminated by humans.